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Edward N.K
Head Artist


Edward N. K. was born and raised in Nakuru, a sunny town in the rift valley region of Kenya. His love of fine arts developed from the young age of 10 and due to the persistent and overwhelming urge to express real life into art, he knew what his purpose in life be a fine artist.


He grew his skills with practice from simple outlines around forms to 3D effects of light falling on objects. He began doing portraits right after high school and studied more on the theory of art stretching from art history to practical application of different mediums.

He sharpened his skills significantly between 2013 and 2020 and slowly became recognized in and around Nakura and Nairobi allowing him to receive commissions that helped him to practice art as a career.

Now, with many years in the art industry, he is able to create professional and life-like works of art. His style is a merge of both classical and contemporary methods, which he applies in dry and wet mediums with a concentration in oils and charcoal.

His collaboration, as Head Artist, with Art Dealer and Mijoidu Company Owner, Naomi Scott, is bringing his work to Europe and the U.S.

New Collection

Previous Collection

Charcoal pencil drawing, Commissioned, November 2021
Charcoal pencils on toned grey paper, Commissioned, February 2022
Color pencils drawing, Commissioned August 2021
Charcoal pencil drawing, Commissioned, September 2021
Charcoal pencil drawing, Commissioned, April 2021
Charcoal pencil drawing, Commissioned, 2022
Acrylics on canvas, Commissioned, August 2018
Charcoal pencil drawing, Commissioned, July 2021
Adut, Charcoal pencil, drawing April 2021
Oils on canvas, Commissioned 2019
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