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Image by Karolina Badzmierowska

About Mijoidu

The Mijoidu Company was formed as a result of 2020's pandemic lockdown and the deaths of Naomi Scott's two canine companions Amadeus Dutch and Hartmut Puck. Seeking to memorialize these angelic creatures, Ms. Scott struck up a correspondence with Edward N.K. through mutual friends. What began as a one-off assignment turned into a working partnership providing art to many of Ms. Scott's acquaintances in England, Germany, and the U.S. cities of Boston and New York, in addition to Kenya and Ethiopia where Edward had already made a name for himself. The Mijoidu Company is now an international company ready to re-invigorate and lead a new renaissance in art. , with Art Dealer and Mijoidu Company Owner, Naomi Scott.


Naomi Scott

Owner and Art Dealer

Naomi Scott moved from Barbados to New England as a child and matriculated in the surrounding Boston area. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Emerson College in the heart of Boston where she majored in theatre with a minor in music. From there she embarked on a non-traditional path of travel and study creating her own life curriculum of sorts.


After graduating and working at a major accounting firm and American Express Financial Advisors for several years, Ms. Scott set her sights on Erfurt, Germany where she spent five years, first as an Aupair and later as an English teacher with the world-renowned Berlitz Sprachschule. Ms. Scott also participated in many charitable works with the needy during her tenure in Germany. There she learned the language and gained an appreciation of the expatriate lifestyle which would come in handy over the next decade.


Returning to the US in ’04 Ms. Scott hardly touched down on American soil before finding her next niche, this time in the air as an international flight attendant for Ryan International Airlines and Omni Air International, a job that allowed her constant contact with her adopted homeland of Germany as well as Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, the UK, Bahrain, Kuwait, and finally Dubai and Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates.


After her career in the airlines, Ms. Scott lived a rather bohemian existence vacillating between Boston and New York for several years, working first as a real estate agent in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens where she navigated New York’s tough realty market of the mid-aughts while working as a freelance teacher and translator. Ms. Scott became one of the top-ranked real estate agents in the Boston-Metro area with listings throughout Suffolk and Middlesex counties. She specialized in residential sales, luxury rentals, and commercial properties before settling into a three-year career as a political fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee based out of their Boston affiliate.


In 2020, with the real-estate market in steep decline, Ms. Scott found her true calling as an art dealer during the pandemic lockdown. It was the death of her dogs Amadeus Dutch and Hartmut Puck and her desire to memorialize them in art that led to a chance encounter with artist, Edward N.K. and the birth of The Mijoidu Company.

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