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Modern Life Like Art Gallery

Oil on Canvas by Edward N.K.

Image by Annie Spratt

The Process


Our Mission

Our Purpose at Mijoidu is to make unique, commissioned art a part of every home and establishment. Art is an expression of individuality and rather than filling one's walls with mass-produced prints, why not have your art be as individual as you? This is what we strive for at Mijoidu. Art as an expression of self. 


We love what we do at Mijoidu and aspire to lead the way back to art as it was meant to be. Unique. Individual. Rare. The type of art that will be handed down through the generations. 


Our ambition is to welcome new up-and-coming artists internationally into our growing artist collective and showcase their art worldwide, as well as make these artists available for individual commissions. 


Edward N.K. is the Head Artist of a Kenyan group of artists offering his services for the first time world-wide, through Mijoidu, to bring life-like art into your home or establishment.


We offer commission services and limited prints of commissioned items.

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